The Natural Homes Conference 2017

10 th - 12th March 2017
Impact HUB Praha

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The main mission and goal of the conference is to bring recent information and experience in natural building and related topics - permaculture, saving technologies, ecological construction materials,off-grid systems, natural playgrounds, community cooperation.

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Civil Society Organization Baobaby would like to invite all the people interested in natural building, saving technologies, natural building materials, permaculture design, holistic and community ways of living, organic architecture and self-help building to the second volume of The Natural Home Conference 2017, held in Impact Hub Prague from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th March 2017.

If your desire is to live healthily and you want to use the natural building materials and designs; you are interested in sustainable ways of living; you are planning to rebuild your house or simply you want to create a playground for your children, then you can acquire a lot of valuable information, practical advice, experience and interesting ideas directly from the natural building specialists.

Several foreign experts will also perform in this year. You can see here program.

More over, you can look forward for many experts from the Czech republic, Slovakia and USA with long-time experience.

The Conference will be interpreted into English language.

The whole programme is designed to provide the inspiration and information to both laics and experts. Apart from the basic principles of natural building, we will also be concerned with the constructional systems and trends in building of houses made of straw, clay or hemp. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to gain further information about the clay plasters, children ́s playgrounds, natural building materials and their processing. Besides above-mentioned, many other topics will be discussed.

The meeting and the interaction of the participants together with establishing new relationships represent very significant part of the conference. For those reasons there will be chill-out zones, where all participants will have a chance to meet and get to know each other and to have some refreshments as well. The Hub club itself has a very friendly environment supporting the communication. Meeting new like-minded people and sharing ideas represent, according to the opinions of last year ́s participants, the significant benefits of the conference.

The Hub club´s interior is very diverse. A part from a huge lecture hall, there is an outside terrace and a bar too. Moreover, there are other rooms where, for example, the market of environmental friendly companies will take place and associations, participating in the conference, will be presenting their activities and visions. So you can buy different kinds of handcrafted items, healthy food or works of art there but also find out a lot of useful information

There will also be counselling service at your disposal where you can discuss your projects - straw houses, natural inspired reconstructions and natural gardens.

This service will be for registrated participants only!

The last year ́s conference was very successful. Nearly 280 enthusiastic people were participating in it. This year, we hope it will be even better. If you would like to support us, please share the invitation with your friends.

Program of the conference

10th March 2017

Sigi Koko
Building Empowerment

At present, she is one of the most famous promoters of natural building in the world. In 1998, she founded an organization called Build Naturally, seated in Washington in USA. She focuses on design and realization of sustainable buildings in the spirit of natural building. She offers consulting services and education seminars for architects, construction companies and developers. The main field of her expert knowledge and specialization are – Environmentally friendly building materials, straw bale houses, natural building techniques, strategy in energetics and water protection, passive solar design. She believes it is possible to initiate positive changes in the world, as Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

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Gernot Minke

Architect, retired professor of Kassel University, Germany, where he founded the Building Research Laboratory and directed more than 40 research projects in the field of low-cost-housing, building with earth, straw, bamboo, green roofs. He was invited to more than 60 international conferences, he published more than 300 articles in journals and professional magazines and is author of the manuals "Building with Earth", "Building with straw" and "Building with bamboo"

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Afterparty – space for meetings {even with dance}

11th March 2017

Lukáš Gavlovský
The Formation from Natural Materials

Through painting and photography, he gradually worked his way to realization of spatial work both in free and urbanized landscape. The worlds hidden in the natural materials are the theme and base material for most of his sculptures, untypical children’s playgrounds, acoustic objects, nooks of private gardens, or distinctive park furniture. He likes using primarily torsos of fallen trees and material found in the landscape. His interest in natural building directed him to constructing his own straw bale house built into a barn, where, through using colorful soils, he came around to his original profession of a painter. Since then he’s been keen on working with soil in architecture in the form of murals, or walls of tampered soil

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Petr Hájek
The Personal House and Ancestral Garden

Petr is an architect and in his co-operation with builders, designers and craftsmen, he’s interested in philosophy and creating space for people’s life in nature. A human is a natural creature and lives in a natural environment. For house design it means to first draw up and create a biotope of a garden, whose integral part is a human along with its life space and a house. The house is an outside world observatory. The outside space carries in it life, harmony and beauty of the whole project. Petr works in new concepts of human life on Earth, such as Personal house, Generic garden, Open-door village, A house inside-out, Build as you eat and the like.

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Ondřej Netík
Building a house a different way-naturally, inexpensively and with soul

A lecturer and practician focusing on building of straw and clay. A person who helps with self-help buildings. A permaculturist perceiving the world from the perspective of flows of energy, thoughts and feelings. He works with houses as a beings and thus also approaches them. “For you it’s future, perhaps expenses and worries. For me, it’s a soul that I help build.”

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Martin Kautz
Natural building in the 21st century
Modern western technology in the East. Martin Kautz has lived with his numerous family in Austria for nine years, where he does natural building and makes clay plasters. Today he builds primarily prefab houses with the maximum use of natural materials. Wooden framework, natural insulation, wood-fiber boards, clay plasters… All buildings are diffusion-open. Every one is custom-made to its owner and the land – bungalows, storied houses with flat roof, round walls…

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Eugen Nagy
The Manual of Ecological Construction. The Theory versus Practical Experience
Ing. arch. Eugen Nagy, Ph.D. – graduated from faculty of architecture STU in Bratislava (1988) and doctoral studies at the faculty of architecture VUT in Brno (2006) with focus on natural building materials in context of sustainable building. After finishing studies, he worked a long time in Austria, where he got acquainted with trends in environmental architecture and then he specialized on designing passive houses. He is an authorized architect of the Slovak chamber of architects (since 2000) and one of the pioneers of environmentally and energetically efficient construction in the country. In his work, lectures and his publications, he focuses on sustainable lifestyle. He is an author of specialized publications: Manuál ekologickej výstavby (1999), Nízkoenergetický ekologický dom (2002), Môj priateľ dom (2006 – not yet published) and Nízkoenergetický a energeticky pasívny dom (2009).

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The Presentation of Environmental-friendly Companies
Radek Hála
The Legislation of Straw Houses.
When he finished his studies he experienced a conventional building and projects of villas and their interiors. He was also interested by wooden houses. However, he found his purpose in natural building because a work with natural materials is full of freedom, happiness, positive energy, friendship and honesty. He is wondering what happened to us in last few centuries, building of houses was one of the most natural thing in our lives, and it is so complicated nowadays. He looks for a balance of a freedom, comfort, freshness of present days and a mature of tradition. The escape from an office to a free space of infinite possibilities is his dream.

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Michal Bureš
The Options of Grants from the "Green Savings"
Authorized engineer and independent specialist in passive houses. Beside individual projects, he carries out construction physical design of constructions and secures specialist inspection at sites. He designs energetics concepts of heating, hot water, solar systems and ventilation with heat recuperation. Thanks to close co-operation with a ČVUT research center, he strives to put the newest findings from his field to practice. At present, he is active in financing projects from Green savings programme and straw bale houses projects.

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The Panel Discussion of Participating Experts
The Professionalisation, Innovation and Competitiveness of Natural Building
Afterparty – space for meetings and party

12th March 2017

The Synergy of our journeys.
Linking the Offer and the Demand.
Pavel Černý
The Off-Grid house

His first contact with natural building was in 2010 at building of his friend’s straw bale house. He had been dreaming about something similar for long years and in 2013, together with his girlfriend, he began to prepare everything for nice living. “We decided to build a sustainable house in a garden colony with own water and electricity.” In the end, this project was awarded second place by the Sustainable decade project, organized by Solar association in co-operation with Energetic Sustainability Alliance. “I say I’m a regressing IT specialist and progressing householder. I like to inspire others. I believe in orders ‘from above’”.

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Miro Hrib
The Innovative Capture and the Use of Rainwater in Town.

He is an experienced designer and builder of forest and landscape buildings, such as cycle trails, forest paths, pools and dams on becks. A co-founder of Blue Alternative foundation with Michal Kravčík to support innovative realizations for capturing and utilizing rain water both in the country and in cities. He designs adaptation measures and makes local strategies against climate change impacts, namely against drought.

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Patrik Majringer
The Possibility of Using Hemp in Construction.
Patrik Majringer, a promoter of using technical hemp in construction, implementer of constructions and developer of new methods in building from hemp. Since 2007, he’s been interested in using hemp in construction industry. Ropes, lacquer, hemp insulation, clay plasters with hemp,hempcrete and its broad use in construction, he’ll present all of that during his lecture.

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Karel Šebela
The Czech Earthship
In the past he was fascinated by projects of earthships by architect Michael Reynolds. There were no specialists in this type of buildings in Czech. That’s why he decided to travel to the USA where he attended Michael Reynolds lectures and courses, who has been doing non-traditional houses all over the world for forty years. In the past years, he built his own earthship in Zlechov in the Uherské Hradiště district. It is the first house of this type in the Czech Republic to have passed the final inspection, while being beside the conventional building parameters. It is more passive than what we call “passive houses” today and can make its own electricity and water.

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The End of the Conference

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Feedbacks from the last year

Dear friends, know then it is possible! It is not just a dream anymore. It is a reality. There are so many of us – culturally creative individuals or rather a “tribe” of active, fascinated and enthusiastic people, yearning to live a different life. I was deeply moved by seeing a mass of beautiful people and the conference made me sure that a “new age” is already here. There were an infinite number of wonderful project ideas, intentions and visions. I am sincerely grateful that I could be a part of the whole project and I want to express my thanks and appreciation to the organisers (Baobaby). It was very valuable experience for me and I am curious how many beautiful projects will be realized in our country with a contribution of these people. Read more »

The atmosphere of the last year´s conference.



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We recomend to attend the whole conference, which is organized to provde complex information about the topic.



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