The Natural Homes Conference 2018

9 th - 11th March 2018
KZ Domovina

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The main mission and goal of the conference is to bring recent information and experience in natural building and related topics - permaculture, saving technologies, ecological construction materials,off-grid systems, natural playgrounds, community cooperation. The whole conference will be translated into English.

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Civil Society Organization Baobaby would like to invite all the people interested in natural building, saving technologies, natural building materials, permaculture design, holistic and community ways of living, organic architecture and self-help building to the fifth volume of The Natural Home Conference 2018, held in KZ Domovina from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th March 2018.

If your desire is to live healthily and you want to use the natural building materials and designs; you are interested in sustainable ways of living; you are planning to rebuild your house or simply you want to create a playground for your children, then you can acquire a lot of valuable information, practical advice, experience and interesting ideas directly from the natural building specialists.

Several foreign experts will also perform in this year. You can see here program.

More over, you can look forward for many experts from the Czech republic, Iran, Slovakia and USA with long-time experience.

The Conference will be interpreted into English language.

The whole programme is designed to provide the inspiration and information to both laics and experts. Apart from the basic principles of natural building, we will also be concerned with the constructional systems and trends in building of houses made of straw, clay or hemp. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to gain further information about the clay plasters, children ́s playgrounds, natural building materials and their processing. Besides above-mentioned, many other topics will be discussed.

The meeting and the interaction of the participants together with establishing new relationships represent very significant part of the conference. For those reasons there will be chill-out zones, where all participants will have a chance to meet and get to know each other and to have some refreshments as well. The KZ Domovina club itself has a very friendly environment supporting the communication. Meeting new like-minded people and sharing ideas represent, according to the opinions of last year ́s participants, the significant benefits of the conference.

The KZ Domovina´s interior is very diverse. A part from a huge lecture hall, there is an outside terrace and a bar too. Moreover, there are other rooms where, for example, the market of environmental friendly companies will take place and associations, participating in the conference, will be presenting their activities and visions. So you can buy different kinds of handcrafted items, healthy food or works of art there but also find out a lot of useful information

The last year ́s conference was very successful. Nearly 500 enthusiastic people were participating in it. This year, we hope it will be even better. If you would like to support us, please share the invitation with your friends.

Program of the conference

9. 3. 2018

Sun Ray Kelley
Gardeners of Eden
Growing up in the Cascade Mountains of western Washington I developed a profound love of the trees. Over the last fifty years I have developed an organic style of round pole timber framing that celebrates the beauty of the natural forms around me. As a sculptor, a designer and a builder I can only hope to do as well as nature so I work with what nature provides me in the most raw and unprocessed form as possible. I study how nature works and emulate the simple, sensible and beautiful ways of the natural world. » article
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Dan Grmela
Experience from 40 finished straw-bale buildings in CZ

He is one of the leading experts at low-energy houses of natural materials in Czech republic. He offers counseling. He designs project documentations for construction and its realization, he also coordinates the project professions. He is a lecturer and his workshops and lectures are mainly focused on straw bale insulation and local clay plasters.

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Space for meeting and dance

10. 3. 2018

Ondřej Netík
How to build a natural house with small budget

A lecturer and practician focusing on building of straw and clay. A person who helps with self-help buildings. A permaculturist perceiving the world from the perspective of flows of energy, thoughts and feelings. He works with houses as a beings and thus also approaches them. “For you it’s future, perhaps expenses and worries. For me, it’s a soul that I help build.”

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Aleš Mádr
The story of the Mádr’s straw-house
We built our straw-bale house on the bank of a pond with zero experience in construction in 1,5 years. We were lucky that we met all kinds of wonderful people around the idea of straw-bale houses. From an architect and a designer... It is a place where our friends left an imprint of the energy of their hands, the carpenter wedged a piece of his life and tree serenity into the new-moon timber, the straw is toughened with many deep thoughts of folk philosophers, the special mixture of clay plasters is redeemed by hand- mined clay, with a drop of mead. There is humor circling in the sewerage and wires, genuine reggae glued under the tiles in the bathroom and some gods bricked into the stove. The straw house is plantel among grown trees, we learn to have them as friends even in strong wind, while others around us just chop them down and buy air-conditioning.
Luba Cvrk
Loadbearing strawbale structures – practical experience
I got to straw after two years of meditation practice, it all gradually emerged from the Silence. Ecological buildings attract me for their regard to the Earth and people using renewable resources and natural materials. I found it important to contribute to development of this alternative path. I’d never been a handyman, nor had I had any practical experience from civil engineering. I like simple, ordinary houses, which need the lowest amount of technologies for their basic functioning.
Marek Vlček
Reconstruction with the use of natural building materials
The magic of clay and realization of buildings from natural building materials have been his interest, hobby and living since 2000, when he and his family moved into a clay house in Lysovice. Based on personal experience from restoring a cultural heritage building, the brand CLAY HOUSE emerges, focused on projects and designs of healthy homes, on heritage buildings reconstruction, trade with natural building materials, making clay plasters and realization of buildings with using traditional crafts processes. He participates and organizes lectures and work-shops, popularizes and teaches clay-craft. He looks for new possibilities and ways to use clay in construction. In 2010, he hands his business over to his daughter Markéta and supports the family brand mainly in counseling, training and technical supervision. Experience from natural building and seeing the relationships “man – house”, “man – home” and “man – man” have recently led him to study and practice methods of conciliatory resolution of disputes among people – mediation. He occupies himself with self-study of transpersonal psychology and discovering ways of spiritual growth. He feels to be an amateur and an apprentice. He enjoys being with his family and in good company, living harmonic relationships and being surprised by what a new day brings » more information
Nitzan Iserovitch
Deep in the mud
I come from Haifa in Israel.Natural building and plasters are an inseparable part of my life. During the last ten years I took part in diverse projects, restoration projects and natural plaster works for new constructions. I am a entrepreneur, eco-builder, artisan, project manager, a researcher and a teacher. After a decade of working in the field, I decided to travel the world and share my passion and the knowledge I've gained in order to promote earth construction in parts of the world where it's mostly needed and can change people's lives. My vision is to create community driven projects ,connect people, provide them the skills they need and inspire them to build together. » more information
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Vasudhaiva Ride - Building resilient futures from Waste
Geoffrey Finnimore -The Story of Earthlea
Petr Skořepa – Ecovillage
Jiří Rech – Wilow structures
Isometall - Earth screws
Marek Rabik
Work of Conscious Craftsmen with Respect to Nature, Spray plastering
A few years ago I realized that the work we do can have a much deeper meaning and can really fulfill us. So I quit my job as a manager and began to look for a new way. From wood I got to straw, from straw to clay, from clay to stoves, and soon it all came together and there was a whole – Natural building. Recently I’ve co-founded a crafts co-operative “Living healthy“, where I keep looking for a way to create a sustainable working system regarding workmen, nature and consequently the customer. I want to connect my experience from the area of managing a company, create fair functioning and space for conscious, happy a content „co-operators“. I’d be very happy, if the co-operative could raise awareness of craftsmen as people with high value for the society. » více informací
Panel discussion of the experts involved
The Panel Discussion of Participating Experts
Space for meetings and dance. Clay plasters workshop with Vlastik Baránek.

11. 3. 2018

Honza Křivonožka
Accumulation Stove, Options for combination, functions and shapes.
I am a stove builder and I build primarily heavy heat storage stoves or kitchen-stoves, most often in homes designed with inspiration in natural buildings. Such stoves can heat the whole house with healthy, radiant heat. The stoves I build can be purely storage and radiant, or combined with warm-water exchanger. My path to crafts began in 2009, when I lived in Zaježová ( and found out that something like a stove makes sense both in old houses and particularly in new low-energy buildings. I live in Dolejší Kučice, where I’ve repaired an old house from Sudetenland, in which the heat storage stove and the kitchen-stove are the only heating. I like to experiment with shapes of the heaters and look for functional gadgets and original solutions and I also like to co-operate with non-profits. » more information
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Pavel Podruh
Czech Off-Grid Houses
He founded the project Czech off-grid house, whose mission is to accelerate self-selfsustainable technologies to common households and development of renewable resources. By joining fully functional, progressive and sophisticated solutions, he and his team looks for possibilities of future treatment of natural resources and he tries to incite public demand. After his studies in the USA he travelled the world, was awarded the Anděl award, was in manager positions in big corporations, founded and sold his own start-up and now is fully engaged in the Czech off-grid house project.

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Otakar Chochola
Feng-shui,Quality of space in the transformation of time
He is the founder of the Czech Feng Shui school and its main lecturer. I got to the Feng Shui art in 1997, when out of interest I attended an international Feng Shui festival in Prague, taking place under the shield of master Roger Green. As an architect, I was interested in the possibility of healing spaces and people in mutual relation. I joined my practice and studies with teaching Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong art, which I’ve been intensively practicing since that time as well. Under the lead of my Feng Shui teachers: Roger Greene, Adalbert Nellisen, master Boris Michajlovič Brin and Eva Joachymová, I got to a point when I opened my own consulting practice and later founded Czech Feng Shui school. Together with David Eyer we have raised hundreds of experts in the field. My philosophy in the field of Feng Shui education is putting stress on supporting personal growth and knowing and achieving improvement of own situation – personal cultivation. » more information
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Michal Kravčík
Let’s Renew Rain
Michal states that the old water paradigm let water out of closed water cycles and dried out the land. The aim is to keep as much rainwater in the ecosystems as possible in places where the rainwater falls, so that it could soak into the soil, supply underground water and evaporate into the atmosphere, so that the planet Earth does not overheat. Kravčík founded a People and Water Association (1993), which developed many innovative programs and healing of climate Blue Alternative (1995), Water Forest (2005), New Water Paradigm (2007), Land revitalization government program (2010), Global Action Plan of Small Water Cycles and Climate Renewal (2015). His organization got an EU – US award for civil society and democracy development at the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Marshall’s Plan for Europe (1998). Kravčík is an awardee of the Goldman environmental prize (1999). He lectures on innovative solutions of healing the climate all over the world. Now he and his colleagues are developing a Rain for Climate campaign. » more information
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The End of the Conference

BAOBABY z.s.are allowed make changes in conference.program, if necessary.

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Presentation of eco-friendly companies:

Permakultura CS
Zemné vruty
Hliněný dům
Hliněné panely GEO
Vrbičky Grania



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Feedbacks from the last year

Dear friends, know then it is possible! It is not just a dream anymore. It is a reality. There are so many of us – culturally creative individuals or rather a “tribe” of active, fascinated and enthusiastic people, yearning to live a different life. I was deeply moved by seeing a mass of beautiful people and the conference made me sure that a “new age” is already here. There were an infinite number of wonderful project ideas, intentions and visions. I am sincerely grateful that I could be a part of the whole project and I want to express my thanks and appreciation to the organisers (Baobaby). It was very valuable experience for me and I am curious how many beautiful projects will be realized in our country with a contribution of these people. Read more »

The atmosphere of the last year´s conference.


Why now it is ‘right time’ to participate on ‘Natural Homes Conference 2018’? What kind of program is waiting there for me? Let’s answer these and other questions together :)

What is the difference between participating in a conference and reading the articles, blog on permaculture, natural building, organic houses? Main difference is, that during these three days you will see and hear 12 speakers, who you might never see under one roof again. You will have opportunity not only to enrich your knowledge by listening and watching the presentations, but also by talking to other participants and speakers. You will gain new useful contacts and enjoy unforgettable atmosphere of a conference, which is of the top natural building conferences in Central Europe.

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We recomend to attend the whole conference, which is organized to provde complex information about the topic.



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