The Natural Homes Conference 2019

8 th - 10th March 2019
KZ Domovina

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The main mission and goal of the conference is to bring recent information and experience in natural building and related topics - permaculture, saving technologies, ecological construction materials,off-grid systems, natural playgrounds, community cooperation. The whole conference will be translated into English.

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Civil Society Organization Baobaby would like to invite all the people interested in natural building, saving technologies, natural building materials, permaculture design, holistic and community ways of living, organic architecture and self-help building to the fifth volume of The Natural Home Conference 2018, held in KZ Domovina from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th March 2018.

If your desire is to live healthily and you want to use the natural building materials and designs; you are interested in sustainable ways of living; you are planning to rebuild your house or simply you want to create a playground for your children, then you can acquire a lot of valuable information, practical advice, experience and interesting ideas directly from the natural building specialists.

Several foreign experts will also perform in this year. You can see here program.

More over, you can look forward for many experts from the Czech republic, Iran, Slovakia and USA with long-time experience.

The Conference will be interpreted into English language.

The whole programme is designed to provide the inspiration and information to both laics and experts. Apart from the basic principles of natural building, we will also be concerned with the constructional systems and trends in building of houses made of straw, clay or hemp. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to gain further information about the clay plasters, children ́s playgrounds, natural building materials and their processing. Besides above-mentioned, many other topics will be discussed.

The meeting and the interaction of the participants together with establishing new relationships represent very significant part of the conference. For those reasons there will be chill-out zones, where all participants will have a chance to meet and get to know each other and to have some refreshments as well. The KZ Domovina club itself has a very friendly environment supporting the communication. Meeting new like-minded people and sharing ideas represent, according to the opinions of last year ́s participants, the significant benefits of the conference.

The KZ Domovina´s interior is very diverse. A part from a huge lecture hall, there is an outside terrace and a bar too. Moreover, there are other rooms where, for example, the market of environmental friendly companies will take place and associations, participating in the conference, will be presenting their activities and visions. So you can buy different kinds of handcrafted items, healthy food or works of art there but also find out a lot of useful information

The last year ́s conference was very successful. Nearly 500 enthusiastic people were participating in it. This year, we hope it will be even better. If you would like to support us, please share the invitation with your friends.

Program of the conference

8. 3. 2019

Josef Chybík
Natural materials and environment-friendly building

Professor Josef Chybík is a graduate of Faculty of Civil Engineering at Brno University of Technology. Since 1994, after nearly 20 years of engineering, he works as an academic specialist at the Faculty of Architecture at Brno University of Technology, that he's managed a dean in years 2000 - 2006 and 2010 - 2014. He is theauthor of books: 'Heřmanovice od oppidum to village' (2008), 'Natural building materials' (2009) and 'Energy - efficient construction' (2012).

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Robin Ehling
Straw Building in Germany: 20 units cohousing project, Visions and Plans beyond

Robin Ehling is a son of parents with the background of agriculture and craftsmanship. After accomplishing a Bachelor Civil engineering economics and construction operation he was involved in an Building Project of the African Union in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Continuing with a Master of Science focusing on the reconstruction of buildings, he had the chance to make various experiences in small scale Projects in an international and local context. His masterthesis was dealing with a comparison of three different strawbale houses and an evaluation of different aspects being engaged in the building process. After University he continued working self employed as a craftsman in various scopes for two years. Since Oktober 2018 he is working for Dirk Scharmer (Deltagruen Architektur) specializing on building with straw from a design perspective.harmera (Deltagruen Architektur), specializing on building with straw from a design perspective.

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Space for meetings and dance.

9. 3. 2019

Jan Chvátal
Self-build passive strawbale house

Ing. Jan Chvátal (1979), decided in 2014 to end his longterm work in the management of Prague's Eco center 'Tolčův dvůr' and dove into to building a strawbale house for his family. What's more he used 'load bearing straw' method, in Czechia unexplored before. During his three years long, mostly lonesome, almost 7000 hour lasting work on the house, full of extreme struggles and dead ends, he gathered a lot of valuable experience. He shares it to all those interested in natural building, self-help house-building or energetic passive houses. Since December 2016 he and his family live happily in his self-build house. The success of the house in ENErgy Globe and Passive house of the year contest is just a cherry on the top.

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Jakub Gajda
Wood - practical experience with entire life cycle. Forest - logging, incorporation into buildings and recycling

Jakub Gajda is a professional builder and carpenter, with wide more than 20 year long experience in the field. He specialises in natural buildings, interiors from wood and other natural materials and his own wood production and processing. As a natural builder he and his team have accomplished hundreds of enviroment-friendly projects: log cabins, wooden houses, stawhouses, reconstructions, interiors, kids's playgrounds, furniture and others. He is the author of first vlog on natural building in czech language, 'Přírodní bydlení'.

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Markéta Vlčková
Sensitive reconstruction

Since she was a child, she was interested in architecture and growing older, it's getting closer and closer to her heart. She’ll happily guide you from the beginning until the end of their construction journey and explain the techniques, they were using. They tried to proceed with caution, not to change the disposition and keep the original character of the house. Decorated the interior with clay plasters, venetian and moroccan stucco, breathable coatings and wooden floors. Usage of natural materials is crutial for her, as she cares about our nature and she does not want to pollute it with chemicals.

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Radek Hála
How to design a natural house. Some good advice from practice

Po vyplutí z akademických vod na volné moře konvenčního stavebnictví přepádloval stinné bažiny komerčních developerských projektů, dravé bystřiny designových vil a interierů a bezpečné stojaté vody pasivních dřevostaveb, aby zakotvil na dobrodružném rybníku přírodního stavitelství. Našel tady nejvíc radosti, svobody, odvahy, dobré energie, kamarádství a poctivé práce. Občas mu vrtá hlavou, co se s námi za poslední století stalo, a jak se z nejpřirozenějších věcí, jako je stavění domů, stala záležitost tak komplikovaná. Stále hledá rovnováhu mezi nezávislostí, svobodou a pohodlím, svěžestí moderního a moudrostí tradičního, každodenním snem o kolečku ve stroji a snem o útěku ze skleněných kanceláří do volného prostoru sladce vonících neomezených možností.

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Radek Muller
House built from strawbale panels

Radek Müller, founder of SLAM - PA company based in Tábor, manufactures wooden-straw load bearing panels. He got his inspiration in the products Ecococon from Latvia some 6 years ago. He's been appealed by the idea of pressing strawbales into a wooden frame, so he took his own path, constructed his first hydraulic press and started a panel production. Today, there are 6 buildings constructed using his panels, including: a gazebo for forest nursery, an art studio and several family houses. These projects were built with various degree of participation, from a mere panels supply to self-build construction cooperation or partial to complete turnkey project.

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Michal Šperling
Root zone treatment plant in garden, on roof, facades and in urban space. Use of purified water in the house

Since 2008 Ing. Michal Šperling is working on root purification plants, garden ponds, revitalisation and water retention. He is the author of the 'marsh roof and facade concept' and the water management system at Liko Noe project. In 2017 one of his marsh roof houses received an E. ON Energy Globe Award.

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Panel discussion of the experts involved
Space for meetings and dance.

10. 3. 2019

Honza Bešík
Hemp - the journey to heal the Earth

Jan was a pioneer of hemp building in Czech republic. At the beginning he was blending up homemade mixtures in his wood cabin, where he has moved from center of Prague. He studied international sources and went travelling to visit hemp buildings and production plants. During his travels he found inspiration and knowledge, which he passes it on to people. Jan occupies himself with natural building and education, working with wood, hemp and clay. He also organizes hemp building workshops, travel and give lectures, he remodelled his house using hemp masonry a he help to build many more. Today thanks to his work, there are tens of houses built using hemp masonry / hempcret in Czech republic. He continues to work on projects in CZ and in abroad. During his lecture at our conference he will present you world's first house, built using hemp panels and tell you why can hemp save the world.

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Soňa Jonášová
Circular economy of buildings

Soňa Jonášová studied Agricultural Engineering at Mendel University in Brno. She lives according to her motto: 'We have to start the change, that we want to see around us.' She is interested in sustainable development, food production, agriculture, 'cradle to cradle' systems, circular economics, networking in form of internship for university students. In INCIEN she is responsible for develepement, PR, educational activities and cooperation with key involved parties.

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Pavel Podruh
From an Off-Grid House to new batteries for electricity-sharing

He founded the project Czech off-grid house, whose mission is to accelerate self-selfsustainable technologies to common households and development of renewable resources. By joining fully functional, progressive and sophisticated solutions, he and his team looks for possibilities of future treatment of natural resources and he tries to incite public demand. After his studies in the USA he travelled the world, was awarded the Anděl award, was in manager positions in big corporations, founded and sold his own start-up and now is fully engaged in the Czech off-grid house project.

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Jan Pokorný
It won't rain on a dry field, if are trees wasting the water?

doc. RNDr. Jan Pokorný, CSc. is a graduate of Faculty of Natural Science at Charles University, department of plant psychiology. He worked at Botanical Institut of AVČR, since 1999 he was a director of ENKI, o.p.s. Třeboň. He lectures on Faculty of Natural Science (ecophysiology of plants, physiological functions of plants in ecosystems) ČZU Praha, Faculty of Fishing at University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice (ecology of wetlands), University Applied Sciences, Turku (Water Quality Mangement), UNESCO IHE Delft (Wetlands and Climate). He is an elected fellow of Scientific Technological Panel of Ramsar Convention, fellow of commision "drought" nominated by minister of environment, fellow of research councils of the Technology Agency of Czech Republic. For his book „Water for Recovery of Climate" ( he and his cooperators received prize from minister of environment. He studies the role of plants in distribution of sun power and the circulation of water in the landscape.

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The End of the Conference

BAOBABY z.s.are allowed make changes in conference.program, if necessary.

Presentation of eco-friendly companies:

Ekodům Vestaeco Permakultura CS
Konopný beton Hliněný dům SLAM-PA
Alhambra Grania
Domy ze slámy a hlíny

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Feedbacks from the last year

Dear friends, know then it is possible! It is not just a dream anymore. It is a reality. There are so many of us – culturally creative individuals or rather a “tribe” of active, fascinated and enthusiastic people, yearning to live a different life. I was deeply moved by seeing a mass of beautiful people and the conference made me sure that a “new age” is already here. There were an infinite number of wonderful project ideas, intentions and visions. I am sincerely grateful that I could be a part of the whole project and I want to express my thanks and appreciation to the organisers (Baobaby). It was very valuable experience for me and I am curious how many beautiful projects will be realized in our country with a contribution of these people. Read more »

The atmosphere of the last year´s conference.


Why now it is ‘right time’ to participate on ‘Natural Homes Conference 2019’? What kind of program is waiting there for me? Let’s answer these and other questions together :)

What is the difference between participating in a conference and reading the articles, blog on permaculture, natural building, organic houses? Main difference is, that during these three days you will see and hear 12 speakers, who you might never see under one roof again. You will have opportunity not only to enrich your knowledge by listening and watching the presentations, but also by talking to other participants and speakers. You will gain new useful contacts and enjoy unforgettable atmosphere of a conference, which is of the top natural building conferences in Central Europe.

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We recomend to attend the whole conference, which is organized to provde complex information about the topic.



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